High Intensity Training Routines - hiit Weight training

 hiit Weight training

HIIT is a method of working out in which you alternate low intensity moderate training for more intense driven training. High intensity training usually has less rest in between sets, and you are often working at more intense levels, whether it is lifting more weight than you're usually accustomed to, or sprinting harder than you would normally. Before you become fearful of HIIT, although the exercises are performed intensely, you actually work out for less time, and burn more calories than you would working out at a lower intensity levels of intensity for hours on end. 

hiit weight training routine

especially a HIIT routine which can be very physically demanding on the body, is to plan a good deal of time in advance to meet your goals. It isn't enough to say 'By next week I want to look like X" or "By next month I want to drop 30 pounds" but incorrect as that is, that is how many people plan their fitness regimens. Instead, you want to plan out in advance a minimum of 90 days. It seems that 90 days is the typical length of time needed to make a significant impact on your physique without the use of drugs or reckless techniques like sub-800 calorie diets.

interval training weight training

Interval training for weight loss will replace your regular cardio workouts. To simply explain this, interval training is a process in that your exercise routine will consist of intervals of extreme intensity. For example, to start you will perform a 5 minute warm-up at a relatively simple pace - maybe about 4 out of ten where ten will be running for your life! After your warm-up you would then speed up your pace to a 7/10 for a period of time which could be anywhere from 30-90 seconds. You would then do an active rest for a similar period of time. Your active rest would be around the same level as your warm-up. This is considered one interval. You would do this for five or 6 times followed by a five minute cool down at the identical rate as your active rest.

 hiit weight training program

you are going to learn how to make yourself a free weight loss program by following three great tips.

1-Make sure you are eating often
Have you ever been told that you need to make sure you eat three meals per day?
2-Do wind sprint
You sprint for one minute then jog for one minute. Keep doing that for twenty minutes.
3-Make Sure You Are Weight Training
your muscles will actually eat up all the fat because they are "hungry"

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