Weight Loss - belly

Weight Loss - belly

lovingly refer to their belly fat like love handles, but the truth must be told to the fact that he is dangerous to health. excess fat around the abdomen increases the risk of heart disease. At the same time it is difficult to lose stubborn fat.

Many diet pills, and there are even some that claim to get rid of belly fat exercises, structure. However, it is true that not only lose stomach fat profit targets. The only way to get rid of unsightly fat is to combine a healthy diet with regular exercise plan. When it comes to keeping weight off and the key is consistency. slimming down and toning up will be effective to get rid of love handles.

That there are concrete things you can do to combat harmful belly fat.

1. Green vegetables:

 eat a lot of fruit and choose whole grains. Make sure to eat lean meats such as chicken and fish. I always stay away from any foods such as processed foods that are loaded with sodium and other harmful substances.

2 break sweat:

 Cardiovascular or cardio each day is very important to get some sort of exercise. Cardio exercises, walking, running or swimming, there are bike. Even if you are just starting out it will help to reduce body fat because walking for 30 minutes every day, okay.

The third building muscle. Yes, it is very important to incorporate strength training into your business. lifting weights burns more calories and fat. your body will tone and shape the body.

If they regularly eat healthy and exercise, if it is very easy to lose belly fat. However, in this case, each just a quick method. You did not lose weight overnight, so do not expect to lose a night. The most important thing you can do is be patient and consistent. If you do not give up if you lose weight around the abdomen.

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